gateway interface module / KNX / IP
B.E.G. Brück Electronic

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gateway interface module / KNX / IP gateway interface module / KNX / IP


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The gateway connects the KNX BUS with the DALI BUS (DALI BUS for controlling the illumination)
Each gateway is for controlling and dimming up to 64 electronic ballasts in 16 groups
RJ45 interface for integration into the IP network
Commissioning and assignment of the electronic ballasts (DALI) via operating keys, ETS or integrated web server
Various operating modes
Burn-in function for optimising the lifetime of the lamps
Scenes module for controlling individual electronic ballasts
Individual error detection (transmission to KNX or Ethernet)
Function for quick and easy replacement of one electronic ballast without ETS or system integrator
Test function and evaluation for DALI emergency lights

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