digital safe / free-standing / built-in / for hotel rooms
Safe Elite - LBS-1X A Better Room



  • Technology:


  • Installation:

    free-standing, built-in

  • Other characteristics:

    for hotel rooms, design



Thanks to its ease of use and the quality of its manufacture, the LBS-1X guest room safe provides an effective solution for protecting the property of your customers and visitors.
The LBS-1X is available to everyone, not just the larger hotels, but also hostels, independent hotels, hospitals and even individuals.

Height : 191 mm
Width : 350 mm
Depth : 408 mm (including keypad)
Weight : 7 kg
Volume : 23 L

It is large enough to hold a 15-inch computer. With its motorised steel bolt and its programmable 4-digit locking mechanism, together with its flash memory, you will always be able to retrieve your items.

The Elite guest room safe provides the perfect balance between ease of use and security.

• A 4-digit user code that can be easily programmed by your customers
• A programmable master code to allow you to open the safe in all circumstances
• Motorised steel bolt
• Anti-tamper labyrinth
• Flash memory to protect your data. So, if the safe’s batteries go dead before you have been able to change them the codes are stored in the memory. You will never be locked out!
• An LED backlit keypad
• Powered by 4 standard AA batteries.
• Information displayed on the screen via key combinations, for example the battery level.
• Easy to change the batteries, you will just need a star screwdriver to open the dedicated battery compartment
• Internal mat to protect your items
• Option of left or right hinges available to facilitate installation of the safe as per your requirements.