public space drainage channel / for swimming pools / for commercial buildings / for airports
BG-FA BG Betonwaren GmbH



  • Applications:

    for public spaces, for swimming pools, for commercial buildings, for airports, for athletic fields, roof, patio, facade

  • Material:

    stainless steel, galvanized steel

  • Configuration:

    slot, flat

  • Other characteristics:

    rainwater, paved


The BG facade channels stand out because they have a low overall height but still provide high drainage performance. These channels fit perfect for environments which have little room for drainage, such as flat roofs or facades, for example. In addition, the facade channel is also available in a height-adjustable version, which can balance out any slopes in the foundations or unevenness.

Installation of a BG-FA facade channel with a sealing of less than 150 mm
When a BG-FA facade channel is used, liquids can be prevented from running behind the sealing and the discharge at the threshold is reduced to 5 mm. The sealing height must be maintained in the entire area of the facade.

Installation of a BF-FA facade channel on a roof terrace or balcony
The BG-FA facade channel with branch canal is useable even at low installation heights and is recommended for use when there are larger distances to the next roof outlet (top section).

Installation of a BG-FA facade channel in an area that touches the ground
BG-FA facade channels with one-sided perforation, laid in grit or fine concrete, carry rainwater down to the ground, where it leaches away. BG-FA facade channels with closed channel bodies are suitable for controlled rainwater drainage and can be connected to the surface draining system.