Electric air heater / wall-mounted / ceiling-mounted
ALBE Blauberg Ventilatoren GmbH


  • Energy source:


  • Installation:

    wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted


Air heating or cooling with water heater and its uniform distribution in a room with a fan and louvre shutters.
Arranging of energy efficient air heating or cooling in various premises including medium and large-scale buildings.
Local heating or cooling of job sites or separate areas.

The unit consists of a high-performance axial fan and a high-efficient copper-aluminium water heater.
Steel polymer-coated casing equipped with louvre shutters for uniform air distribution.
The water coils are equipped with internally threaded pipes on the casing side for connection to the heat medium.
Fixing brackets are designed for wall or ceiling mounting.

Asynchronous external rotor motor and axial impeller.
Single-phase motor.
Equipped with ball bearings for longer service life.
Integrated thermal protection with automatic restart.
Speed control

Smooth speed control with an external thyristor controller or step speed control with an external auto transformer (both available upon separate order).
Fan speed control provides regulation of the air flow and respectively the thermal transmission for heating or cooling.


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