Interior design software / CAD / for concrete structures


  • Type:

    interior design, CAD

  • Applications:

    for concrete structures


Draw interior design projects with professional, free and without registrations, simple and intuitive quality.
- Free: Precision at a click. Sign in and enjoy all the unlimited options.
- No registration or updates: You will only have to do so if you want to use the cloud or create your own site. The updates are transparent and will not affect your work.
- Over 230,000 objects: Hundreds of thousands of objects that can be combined, scaled, distorted, and changed with the thousands of textures. Work with the catalogues of IKEA, Maison du Monde, Roca, etc..
- Design your project easily: BlopHome allows you to draw, design and decorate any room or interior space, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, commercial spaces, etc.. Create the walls of your project and go ahead!
- Drag and drop: All objects and textures work with drag and drop, easy and intuitive.
- Realistic renders: Get ultra-realistic renders in seconds. Our servers work for your hardware, fast.
- Projects and renders in the cloud: Store your projects and perspectives in the cloud and access them from anywhere. BlopHome is with you wherever you are.
- Publish your projects: Publish your project and share it with the community of blophomers, with unlimited use. Publish and discuss it.
- Free Scale objects: The object you have in mind isn't in the catalogue? Make it yourself! Objects can be scaled in X, Y, Z to create new objects.
- Adaptable light: it helps you to give a special touch to your space, play with the light to contribute to the intensity or quality that you expect.
- Advertise: it has a bulletin board, do you want to share something with all blophomers?. It's your site.


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