wall-mounted wardrobe / contemporary / elm / aluminum



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    elm, aluminum, melamine

  • Door:

    with swing doors

  • Market:


  • Designer:

    by Piero Lissoni


Wardrobe with single side panels, with structure and finished side panels. The middle side panels can have an extruded aluminium profile frame. The wardrobe with doors can be proposed with walk-in closets without doors.
Finished doors: hinged, sliding and sliding coplanar openings.
Finished internal accessories such as drawer units, trousers-holder, shirt trays, shoe shelves, LED lightings and other.

Structure with side panels (22 mm. thick) and shelves (35 mm. thick) made of melamine-coated panels, thermo- treated larch wood, Elm, white Mel or grey Wood.
Structural frame in anodised aluminium bronze, that can be used instead of finished side panels (not at the end of the composition).
Doors: honeycomb board panels, 23 mm thick. Available finishes: Metals, Lasermat, Silcover, Ecolak, polyester, veneer wood.
For hinged opening only, available frame door in aluminium bronze finish, with glass in different possibilities.
For hinged or sliding openings only, available finished doors (thermo- treated larch wood, Elm, grey Wood).
Matching handles: Aprile 2, WK6 Trave, Duemilaotto, X36, Tekna (the only one that can be used with Frame door aluminium+glass).
Drawer units and open-faced units made of melamine-coated panels, same colours as cabinets, 14 mm. thick.
Pull-out trousers-holders and clothes rods in extruded aluminium profile, bronze colour.
Trays for shirts with matt black metal sides. Pull-out trays with frame in extruded aluminium bronze finish and frosted ribbed Extralight glass.
Sloping shoe shelf with flat profiles in aluminium bronze finish, with or without lighting and glass bottom.