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Thermal insulation / wood wool / cellulose wadding / loose


  • Type:


  • Composition:

    wood wool, cellulose wadding

  • Format:


  • Options:

    without vapor barrier


UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose is the perfect loose-fill insulating product for attic applications, where many homeowners place their highest performing insulation. UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose is an easy and effective option for increasing your ceiling insulation's performance by adding onto existing installations or giving your attic an update by replacing older, less effective products. When choosing to use UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose, you can be sure that you are not only increasing the energy efficiency of your home but you are also making the sustainable product choice. UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose is comprised of post-consumer recycled paper and treated with a borate solution, ensuring not only high performance but health and safety in your insulation choice!


Whether for new construction or retrofitting purposes, installing cellulose insulation is fast and easy. UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose Insulation is a loose fill product, and only intended for these applications. Please inquire with your local store to obtain UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose Insulation (loose-fill) and the proper installation equipment. Installation equipment rental may be offered free of charge with applicable minimum purchase. If you are unfamiliar with proper installation techniques, please consult with a licensed professional.


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