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electric oven / commercial / steam / deck
OMÉGA2 : 2X600 MM Bongard


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    steam, deck



Oméga2 2 doors wide of 600 mm is a fixed deck oven designed to bake all types of breads, pastries and Viennese buns.

Operating principle

A large number of heating elements ideally spread out throughout the deck, a
20 mm thick refractory concrete hearth plate and dual Top & Bottom heat regulation guarantee gentle and even baking. Each deck has a separate electrically heated steam generator producing high quality steam that is always available and in sufficient quantity. The independant decks allow to optimise the organisation of production.

The computerized Intuitiv controls (standard) allows the baker to programme his own recipes, to select, per deck, the baking start-up times, while autonomously optimising the general power consumption of the oven.