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BSSV PLUS Boschetti

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solar boiler / commercial solar boiler / commercial - BSSV PLUS


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This vertical boiler with a fixed heat exchanger has an internal coil that transfers the thermal energy of the hot water provided by external sources, and in particular by solar panels, to the water in the tank, making extra supplies of hot water available. Available in four versions (from 200 to 500 litres), this model can provide the ideal solution for the hot water needs of a high number of users. The advantages of BSSV PLUS include its high efficiency, the result of the vertical position of the tank. In comparison to the horizontal position, the vertical position gives in fact a more concentrated stratification of heat, and therefore a greater conservation of thermal energy. This boiler also has a solar electronic control unit and an electric pump that communicate with the solar panel using a sensor, allowing the circulation of hot water in the heat exchanger to be optimized. The BSSV PLUS pre-fitted for the connection of a solar expansion tank if desired. The tank, made in thick sheet metal, is tested on all products and not just on a limited number of samples. The scrupulous preparation of materials and exclusive assembly methods guarantee the perfect application of vitreous enamel finishes, enhancing the quality of the final product.