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The Trans’therm ovens with trolleys are especially suitable to make temperature increase operations at the end of a cycle quick and easy.
- All prepared meals can be taken out of the oven in one single, fast and safe movement thanks to the special cold handle.
- The trolleys’ dual access enables fast unloading by two people and facilitates table service with no loss of temperature.
- The trolley can be stored away easily in the oven when service is over.
Main functions in series production versions: 2 RET cycles, 140 °C and 165 °C (French fries), one 80 °C holding cycle (automatic), adjustable air inlet and humidification.
Food hygiene NF certification.
Delivered with one removable handle ref. 896000 for trolleys.
• "Trans'therm" ovens are delivered without trolley (sold separately).
• The whole range of reheating ovens are available with the humidification option.
• Caution! Connection to the water network required.