pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / brass
PENTA S/30 by Gonzalo Milà & Juan Carlos Ines BOVER Barcelona



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    aluminum, brass

  • Other characteristics:


  • Color:

    white, black, gray, brown


In 1996, Gonzalo Milà and Juan Carlos Ines designed a lamp made of aluminium. But at that time his idea was a prototype. The moment to launch Penta finally arrived, and a very important change to make it happen was to replace the initial folded plate with the stamping technique. Three finishes have been chosen for Penta: brass, aluminum and copper; respecting the lamp’s interior color and applying an oxidation process to the outside of the lamp. “The premise was to make an interior table lamp in which you could have a lightened surface that doesn’t dazzle”. Choose a corner and let Penta create its warm atmosphere, either illuminating a space or as mood lighting thanks to the incorporated dimmer.

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