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PBUMT10 Bragmaia

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Basketball Hoop
HDPE: Monocolour/bicolour high density polyethylene. It is a polymer so it is characterized by
its resistance to corrosion and chemical products. By its capacity of elasticity and lightweight, it offers high resistance to impacts, and, therefore, very difficult to break. The synthetic base prevents grow of bacterias and fungus. No need for maintenance;

Net (Basketball Hoop): High density Nylon mesh;

Metal Parts
Iron: Anticorrosive treatment of hot dip galvanizing in accordance with EN ISO 1461 and gel type lacquer at 230 ° C with thickness ranging from 50 to 70μm, according to the UNE EN ISO 2808;
Fixation System:
Type B - Standard fixation system composed by steel base screwed to the ground with steel
Type C - Standard fixation system composed by posts applied directly in the ground with concrete;

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