workstation desk / melamine / contemporary / commercial
LOOPY Bralco



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Rationalism sweeps through the office. The fascination of formal purity, the use of simple structures and the renewed functionality philosophy, place Loopy at the core of operative and managerial activities in the work place. The manager desk, with evocative plate glass and chrome plating transparencies and reflections. Innovative the teaming of plate glass with the wengé wood.
The desk considered in all its configurations, capable of adapting the work tops, from the single desk to the in-line or back-to-back systems, in a flowing logic of space and of the evolution of information systems.
The single workstations are divided by panelled elements that can be equipped and by display screens on the work top. Simple solutions to the daily problems of privacy and space organisation. An interpretation of the classic bench which implies a predilection for lightness, brightness and original solutions for subdividing working spaces. Original, way out, absolutely innovative. Strong, decisive colours, orange, black, white.
A very personal scanning of spaces, with the continuous, completely equipped top. An airy design, with surfaces, volumes and wide spaces delimited and highlighted by the accessory elements. Very important is the recessed leg that allows the work tops seamless flow.