IP65 floodlight / LED / for public spaces / building
TYSON Brilumen



  • Protection class:


  • Light source:


  • Market:

    for public spaces, building, for parking lots, for stadiums, road, storage

  • Location:

    outdoor, indoor

  • Other characteristics:



Brilumen introduces you the innovative TYSON, a powerful, efficient and versatile long-range LED floodlights, unique on the market. This products range, composed of Citizen chips, can reach up to 1000W and has a high luminous efficiency up to 150 lumens per watt, far superior to any other floodlight in the market, including the metal halide with 2000W. The possibility of using the high power chips is mainly due to its high dissipation fixtures, which increase the products lifetime and do not allow to reach the chip limit.

Thanks to the different types of lenses and reflectors, TYSON floodlights allow you to create multiple beam angles that go from the 6º, a very closed angle, with light quite concentrated and ideal for lighting very distant objects, up to 120º, a very open angle, ideal for lighting large areas such as stadiums, outdoor playing fields, car parks, etc.

These innovative floodlights are easy to install due to its lower weight when compared to others in its category, and their fixtures have direction angles that can go up to 180º or 360º, without losing its dissipation power. In addition, the MeanWell drivers used, with a 5 year warranty, allows you to adjust the power and its luminous flux through the 0-10VDC, PWM or resistive dimming systems.

The innovators TYSON are the only wide range floodlights that perfectly combine the high power use with a tremendous luminous efficiency.

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