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RR327D+S RADIO GRATTACIELO by Marco Zanuso brionvega



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In 1965 Radio Grattacielo (Skyscraper) was
born, a small design revolution by Marco
Zanuso. A clean break from the past, with
a square design, and total lack of curves,
for a skyscraper made of right angles, to
be positioned horizontally or vertically
depending on your mood and your need
for space. Now, rr327D+S is reborn.
The plastic case, the new rechargeable
lithium battery, and the LCD screen
make it an even more charming
product - minimilastic and timeless,
imitated by many but never equaled in
style, refinement and design. Through
rr327D+S you may connect your
smartphone, tablet or PC via the last
generation Bluetooth.
Listen to your favorite digital radio stations
using the DAB/DAB+ function. Radio
Grattacielo rr327D+S is also equipped
with a USB input to recharge your
Radio Grattacielo, the rhomboid the world
is going crazy for, is available in black
night, red and white.

Today, radio grattacielo rr327D+S is
available in the same vivid orange used for
the radiofonografo. Brionvega continues
in its path of design and enhancement
of its history by paying tribute to the
“grattacielo” (skyscraper).
A special and limited series, only 500
numbered pieces, for the few. Simply a
Captivating and trendy, the new radio
grattacielo Orange is ready to conquer
the most demanding tastes of both
trendsetters, who are always attentive to
new styling and fashion inclinations, and
of Brionvega lovers, true connoisseurs of
innovation and design.