pellet boiler / multi-fuel / residential / with water heater
HYDROARTICA-34 Bronpi Calefacción, S.L.



  • Power source:

    pellet, multi-fuel

  • Sector:


  • Other characteristics:

    with water heater, for radiators and radiant floor heating

  • Power:

    Max.: 34.3 kW

    37.3 kW

    Min.: 12 kW


Power min-max: 34.3-12kw
Power bone min-max: 34.5kw
Power transferred to the water: 31.4-10.4kw
Power transferred to the water with olive stone: 31.3kw
Efficiency: 92-96 %
Efficiency with bone: 92%
Consumption min-max.: 2.5-7.6 kg/h
Consumption with bone min-max.: 8.3kg/h
Power consumption: 150-500W
Heating capacity (m3): 785 m3
Heating capacity with olive stone (m3): 782m3
Tank capacity: 154 liters
Metallic interior
Autonomy (min-max): 40-13h
Autonomy with olive stone (min-max): 32-9.8h
Weight: 310kg
Fume outlet diameter: 100cm
Air inlet diameter: 80cm
Working pressure: 1,5bar
Working maximum pressure: 2,5bar
Closed expansion vessel: 8 l
Maximum service temperature: 40/80°C
Valve for drinning water
Circulating pump
Weekly programmer
Automatic ignition
Hermetic tank
Management Heating / Sanitary Water
S2:Security system: S2. Safety thermostat pellet, Safety thermostat water, Air flow switch, Safety valve 3 bar, Pressure setting valve
Compatible accesories not included: VAL-02/VAL-04/CRONO-01/PE-130
Multifuel boiler certified for burning pellet and olive stones
Fully automatic cleaning of exchangers and burner
Black heat resistant paint and epoxy paint coating
Refractory stainless steel burner
Thermally insulated chamber
Combustion chamber window
Automatic air vent included.
Double door with vermiculite interior
Exterior door with thermal insulation
LCD Display with light for easy operation in dark room
Height adjustable levelling feet
Easy access fro cleaning and maintenance tasks