contemporary visitor armchair / fabric / swivel / star base
LIMUN by Andreas Ostwald BRUNE Sitzmöbel GmbH


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    swivel, star base, ergonomic


A flowing design and clean lines, ergonomics and comfort. LIMUN has a caressing volume, but its slender structure makes it look very light. The ergonomically shaped and comfortably upholstered seat shell with its gently rising armrests provides support and stability for the back and arms. LIMUN is the perfect companion for concentrated conversations in long
meetings as well as for nice chats in a relaxed atmosphere.

Frame made of polished pressure die-cast aluminium, 4-arm base with conical cantilevers running from 35 mm to 22 mm. A rotating column at the bottom Ø 50 mm and at the top Ø 40 mm screwed to the seat shell with a four-arm crossbar support.


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