contemporary work table / HPL / wooden / steel
TIMELESS by Eduard Euwens BRUNE Sitzmöbel GmbH


  • Style:


  • Material:

    HPL, wooden, steel

  • Shape:

    rectangular, round, square

  • Market:


  • Height:

    Max.: 80 cm (31.5 in)

    Min.: 75 cm (29.53 in)

  • Length:

    Max.: 160 cm (62.99 in)

    Min.: 70 cm (27.56 in)

  • Width:

    Max.: 80 cm (31.5 in)

    Min.: 70 cm (27.56 in)


Simple, classic and of timeless beauty, the TIMELESS table system does not follow any fashion trends, it captivates with its clear shapes, high material quality and perfect workmanship. The stable construction is based on legs and frames made of
chrome-plated precision steel tubes, which are screwed together invisibly from the outside. TIMELESS is completed with table tops in various sizes, shapes and materials.

4-leg base with frame. Table legs made of precision round steel tube Ø 35 x 2 mm. Frame made of precision rectangular tube 35 x 15 x 2 mm. Table legs bolted to frame.