evacuated tubular thermal panel / for water heating / with frame
SKR 6/SKR 12 Buderus



  • Technology:

    evacuated tubular

  • Function:

    for water heating

  • Other characteristics:

    with frame


The SKR 6 and SKR 12 are the most efficient CPC collector in the market that enables sizing flexibility and offers an optimum investment in hot water comfort per square metre.
Buderus SKR 6 and SKR 12 CPC mirrored evacuated tube collectors provide an efficient solution for solar water heating and contribution to space heating.
Features and benefits

Double walled vacuum tubes made of high quality borosilicate glass
Provide 360 degree absorption due to the utilisation of CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) mirror technology
Highly selective absorber coating and weather-protected
Class leading low heat loss - a1 basic heat loss coefficient: 0.749W/m2K
Fully interchangeable parts mean and no draining of the system required to change a tube
Complete pre-assembled modules with flexibility to join 6 or 12 vacuum tube collectors
Integrated return pipe, for one sided connection
Installation types: on-roof mounting, flat roof, wall mount
Solar Keymark approved (MCS equivalent) 011-7S1502 R
The collectors maximise solar energy gain due to CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) mirror, which is underneath each tube and provides 360 degree absorption.

The excellent insulation properties of the vacuum in the double walled glass tubes means that these collectors are the optimum solution when average outside air temperatures are cooler as heat loss to the outside air temperature is greatly diminished. This also provided the opportunity to achieve higher temperatures meaning that contribution to space heating can be made.