ceiling infrared heater / wall-mounted / electric / commercial
TERM2000 L&H IP65 LED Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH



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    ceiling, wall-mounted

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The Light & Heat device TERM2000 IP65 L&H is equipped with a heater (1,650/ 2,000 Watt) and two adjustable LED lamps, embedded on both sides of the device. The patented combination offers pleasant light effects and cosy warmth. The robust housing in polished aluminum is waterproof (IP65) and suitable for all outdoor areas.

Protection: IP65, waterproof
Performance: LEDs: 2 x 3,5 Watt. Tube: 1,650/2,000 Watt
Tube: ULTRA LOW GLARE (80% less redlight)
Color: polished aluminum
Use: Outdoor heating in private, public and commercial surroundings.
Assembly: Wall and ceiling, No Face down, 45° angular
PLEASE NOTE: Up from 2kW we recommend to use 16A slow blow fuses (C16).
We recommend: appliances especially without schuko plug should be fitted and connected by a qualified electrician.
Guarantee: 2 years private, 12 months business, 6 months industry.