ceiling infrared heater / wall-mounted / electric / commercial
TERM2000 IP67 Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH



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    ceiling, wall-mounted

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The perfect outdoor heater! The TERM2000 IP67 provides instant warmth in all outdoor areas. The completely waterproof infrared heater (IP67) is equipped with a top-grade infrared gold tube that reliably delivers maximal warmth even in dampness or snow. Due to its open construction (without glass cover) the ULTRA LOW GLARE tube reaches a very high service life of up to 5,000 hours. The elegant and space-saving housing design of the innovative outdoor heater is suitable for mounting against the wall or ceiling, under awnings and can easily be integrated in a tent or screen systems.

Protection: IP67, waterproof
Performance: 1,0/1,5/1,65/2,0kW
Standard Colors: White, Black, Anthracite, polished Aluminum. Other RAL colors at an additional fee.
Use: Outdoor heating in private, public or commercial surroundings.
Assembly: Wall and ceiling, No Face down, 45° angular.
PLEASE NOTE: Up from 2kW we recommend to use 16A slow blow fuses (C16).
We recommend: appliances especially without schuko plug should be fitted and connected by a qualified electrician.

Guarantee: 2 years private, 12 months business, 6 months industry.