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The façade system VARIOPLANplus unites all the positive characteristics of pervious façades in one system. The basis of VARIOPLANplus is fibreglass a composite material that Butzbach manufactures in a self-developed technique and which is successfully used in industrial doors. The consequent development of the material under consideration of the requirements for façades has lead to a versatile system.

The high level of translucence of the fibreglass twin-walled panels allows light far into the interior of the room. The natural daylight disperses without glare and hard shadows uniformly in the room whilst completely absorbing harmful UV-radiation.

VARIOPLANplus is a progressive solution, with a thermally separated profile system as well as optimised thermal and acoustic insulation, enabled by the twin-walled fibreglass panels.

Due to the low dead weight and the enormous rigidness of the fibreglass panels, unusual architectural solutions with vertical as well as horizontal mounting become possible. By using fibreglass and profiles in differing colour variants, almost unlimited design options are enabled by combining the different elements. Even angular or round façade elements can be realised. By combining pass doors and doors out of the same material, a homogeneous overall appearance can be created.


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