recessed downlight / for outdoor use / LED / round



  • Type:


  • Location:

    for outdoor use

  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Material:

    Coral Waterout®

  • Protection class:

    IP20, IP65


This new product from Buzzi & Buzzi, a star exhibit at Euroluce 2015, owes its name to the wonderful tale of Aladdin. Genius is the latest innovation from this firm based in Canonica dAdda and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The name was chosen because this amazing product satisfies the top three wishes of the technical lighting designer.
Firstly, theres the light intensity: quite incredible for an aperture measuring only 20 mm, and able to supply a light flow of around 1000 lumen. Secondly, theres the look: recessed into the ceiling and without any visible fixtures, so not breaking up the surface in any way. Genius is such a tiny globe that its nearly invisible when switched off, but can also make objects stand out almost theatrically; shrinking the beam of light until it all but disappears. The light source produces a clear cone of light, which bathes the surface below it, evoking all the magic of a stage.
The third wish satisfied by Genius is that of reliability: the miracle of this system is not solely confined to its ability to produce what we might term an optical illusion. Buzzi & Buzzis new product is in fact the only one on the market which enables you to maintain the LED system through an aperture measuring only 20 mm, thanks to a push-operated locking mechanism which allows you to extract the LED circuit and replace it immediately. The fact that Genius is fully open to inspection and that all its wearable parts can be accessed without tampering with the ceiling avoids any need for remote inspection hatches; enabling you to work on the unit very easily despite the limitations of just 2 cm of space.

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