recessed ceiling light fixture / recessed wall / LED / outdoor
BLADE by Letizia Mammini & Valeria Candido BUZZI & BUZZI



  • Type:

    recessed ceiling, recessed wall

  • Light source:


  • Location:


  • Material:

    Coral Waterout®

  • Protection class:


  • Other characteristics:

    pathway, modular lighting system


Installation in wall or ceiling of plasterboard or brick (see the special instructions for brick).
Recessed fitting in Coral WaterOut® completely disappearing.

Completely disappearing modular system with LED light beam.
Creates a light blade of 45 mm wide.
BLADE IP44 can be installed with multiple modules (code 6964.CW) for the maximum height requested. One or two light sources in opposite position and recessed illuminate the body in Coral WaterOut® integrated to the wall or the ceiling.
BLADE IP44 can remain singular (code 6965.CW; code 6966.CW), otherwise to close a continuous line you can install a further luminous module (code 6965.CW; code 6966.CW) or use the closure headpart (code 6963.CW).