contemporary boardroom table / wood veneer / HPL / glass
T8000 PREMIO : SO-55001 C+P Möbelsysteme GmbH & Co. KG



  • Style:


  • Material:

    wood veneer, HPL, glass

  • Shape:



"Conferences with change of postureStanding up, adopting a pose, changing perspectives, making decisions. The free choice of tabletop shape combined with flush-mounted solutions for monitor and blackboard in the compatible wall system make Premio an interior architecture highlight. Everything here is an integrated whole, harmoniously coordinated and designed in premium quality. The two independent work surfaces of the angular management table make it possible to flexibly change between a standing and a sitting position, enabling ergonomically adapted use. The latest communication technology can be integrated into all tables easily, with the cables fully concealed inside the table frame.Tabletops and cover plates are made of clear or gray glass, available satin-finished or with color coating, with real-wood veneer or HPL. ""Conference Table with glossy wooden ""Boat""-shaped panel, electrified, with glass cable flap, concealed cable ductFrame: AluminiumDecor: Zebrano anthracite "