solid parquet floor / glued / oak / oiled


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    oiled, brushed


This is our range of brushed flooring which is, via a unique, self-developed method, cooked and then brushed to recreate the feeling of a floor that has been walked on for hundreds of years.
Thus recreating the nonuniform effect and the charm of deeper marks on the surface of the wood to achieve an outstanding flooring that has stood the test of time. This flooring will add a warm and elegant appearance to any room especially with the mix of widths (some boards going as wide as 28cm in this range).
The difference of shades and tones between the boards, sometimes significant, combined with the highlights or discoloration around the knots are achieved through a unique and environmentally friendly colouration process to represent the natural ageing of colours, reinforcing the authentic spirit of this “brilliant” floor.
The boards in this range are available in widths ranging from 14 to 28 cm, either in solid or engineered wood, and in the colour references 17 to 25 in our colour reference chart. An interesting option is the invisible oil coating for stain protection done in our workshop (3 layers of colourless oil) to preserve your flooring while keeping it as natural looking as possible.