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thermal insulation / Neopor / for windows / for roller shutters



  • Type:


  • Composition:


  • Use:

    for windows, for roller shutters

  • Format:


  • Thermal resistance:

    0.03 m²K/W

  • Thickness:

    13 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm


Thermo-flex® It allows a simple way to isolate the shutter box in rehabilitations. It consists of a panel of Neopor with a thermal transmittance U = 0,031 W/m2*K, A diffusion layer and other flexible panel Neopor.

It has different thicknesses 13/25/30 mm to adapt the gap width between the winding and shutter inside the drawer. Furthermore, development or sheet width has two lengths (500/800 mm), Being able to have one in the area of ​​registration and also top or at the bottom.

This sheet can rehabilitate a roller shutter box, eliminating thermal bridges, Sealing the passage of air and reducing noise coming from outside. Providing greater thermal comfort inside the home.

This system, along with accessory Sanflex placed at the base of the shutter box will allow you to improve your thermal and acoustic existing blind drawer in case of a complete rehabilitation of the same benefits.