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roller shutter automation / solar-powered



  • Applications:

    for roller shutters

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Forget back down and raise your blinds manually. With motorized blinds it is as easy as pressing a button.

We have different models shutter motor Sirion®: con interruptor, con mando a distancia, con manivela, etc. Además de múltiples accesorios como mandos a distancia para uno o hasta 15 channels, programmers and sensors wind and sun.

Our shutter motor Sirion It has the advantage of requiring simple installation, low noise and compact size.

The shutter motor Sirion® It is tested and inspected with quality controls that ensure proper operation for more than 15.000 movements (with marked THIS).
This allows us to offer a guarantee 4 years engines shutter Sirion.
Compliance with the highest security standards of the market.
Able to lift 40 u 80 kg according to the model. For usual shutters 5 kg / m2 the model is used 40 kg in lower surfaces 8 m2. If security shutters model should be used 80 kg and evaluate the weight of it.