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fixed partition / glazed / professional / translucent



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At Cantifix, we want our clients to experience the exceptional, and we don’t want you to feel restricted in what you can achieve in your designs and projects. Glass is beautiful in its humble, clear simplicity, but this doesn’t mean it has to be plain. With our years of expertise, and advances in technology, we can offer translucent, tinted, and even textured glass - to make your property, home, or project one of a kind.

Translucent glazing can open a world of possibilities in a design; it can be used practically and aesthetically, to provide privacy and intrigue, and it can put a personal or branded stamp onto a physical space. Whatever your requirements, Cantifix take pride in working with you to understand your goals, and designing the perfect glass solution for you.

As daylight wanes, the light and shadow cast through a translucent glass panel takes on new forms, and they can be designed in a way that completely transforms an interior or exterior space. As climates, weather, and lighting shift, the overall effect of translucent glazing shifts along with them, giving your property or project a living quality quite unlike any other.