ceiling air diffuser / round

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ceiling air diffuser / round ceiling air diffuser / round - AIRO


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With air diffuser airO' it is possible to realise air distribution plants for private dwellings and industrial buildings.

Air diffuser airO' applies aeraulics principles of one or more effects of air streams in a room, creating controlled fluxes that can generate high inductive effects with subsequent strong mixing or compact fronts of pressure that move massive quantities of air at slow speed until the dislocated diffusion.

Air streams comes out from little holes on a air-proof flexible textile support that inflates under controlled pressure of the air production system properly treated according to the type of plant.
Air diffuser airO' has been created and designed to solve air distribution problems in heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation and cooling both in domestic and industrial buildings.
Depending on the application, the holes will be dimensioned and realised to get the best results even in the worst conditions.
Air temperature range range goes from few degrees over zero up to 70° C. A large variety of fabrics is available and allows to respect hygienic normatives and to clean the diffuser easily.