cast iron manhole cover / round



  • Material:

    cast iron

  • Shape:



The model "EASYFLEX" represents a new generation of round covers aimed at high-traffic areas.

Made of spheroidal graphite cast iron (EN-GJS-500-7) according to EN 1563, this device is standardized for load class D400 (Group 4 of EN124: 1995). It is intended to be applied in passageways (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicles.

Frame fitted with elastic gasket to reduce noise under intense traffic.

The hinged cover is provided with a closure-locking by way of an elastic bar of ductile iron. The fastening system, in addition to allowing greater stability and safety to the device, allows the opening without a special tool. For increased security, the opening device can also be added through the bottom (inside of the inspection box).

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