concrete primer / synthetic resin / exterior / interior



  • Support:

    for concrete

  • Component:

    synthetic resin

  • Location:

    exterior, interior

  • Other characteristics:

    low-odor, aqueous


Special primer for use on solid, porous substrates which absorb strongly or unevenly in order to level their absorbency.
Particularly suitable for treating porous, absorbent substrates such as renders/plasters, unfired bricks, cellular concrete/AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete), natural stones and gypsum plasterboards (drywalls), concrete, lightweight concrete, cement-based Disbocret mortars and fillers/surfacers, cement floor and anhydrite screed.
Do not use for compact, smooth/even surfaces like pure gypsum plaster (stucco) or wallboards, such surfaces are to be primed with Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or Caparol-Haftgrund.

Material Properties
Water-thinnable (dilutable with tap/potable water).
Highly concentrated.
Solvent-free, low odour.
Covers extremely well.
Material Base / Vehicle
Modified aqueous synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion.