decorative paint / for walls / for wood / interior
LATEX SATIN 20 Caparol



  • Function:


  • Applications:

    for walls

  • Support:

    for wood

  • Location:


  • Component:


  • Finish:

    high-gloss, satin

  • Options:

    low-odor, ecological


Durable interior paint. Wet scrub resistance class 1.

Field of Application
High-grade latex paint with a satin-finished (satin-gloss) surface. For highly stressed internal surfaces. Excellently suitable for renovation or coatings on woodchip/ingrain, relief and embossed wallpapers, as well as Capaver® glass fabric wall coverings.
Material Properties
Emission minimised, solvent-free, unplasticized.
Free of fogging-active substances.
Water-thinnable, ecologically compatible, low odour.
High degree of whiteness.
sd-value < 0.3 m.
Preserves the texture of substrates.
Highly cleanable and resistant to aqueous disinfectants and household detergents.
Easy to apply.
Material Base / Vehicle
Synthetic latex according to German standard DIN 55945.