masonry primer / synthetic resin / interior / water-repellent



  • Support:

    for masonry

  • Component:

    synthetic resin

  • Location:


  • Other characteristics:

    water-repellent, low-odor


Priming coat to reduce low- and high frequency electromagnetic pollution (electric smog) in the interiors.

Field of Application
Black pigmented, special electroconductive coating product for large-area reduction of alternating electrical fields (low frequency), e.g. alternating voltage in electric cables, installations, equipment, walls, etc., and electromagnetic waves (high frequency), e.g. transmitters, radar, radio link systems, mobile (cell) phones, wireless phones, etc.
Particularly suitable for use in sensitive areas, such as e.g. nurseries, bedrooms, living- or hotel rooms, offices, hospitals, sickrooms and surgeries, kindergartens, schools, etc.
Material Properties
Electroconductive, reduces over 99.5 % of radiation.
Emission-minimised, solvent-free.
Water-thinnable, ecologically compatible, low odour.
Enhances adhesion.
Water vapour permeable.
sd-value < 0.1 m
Material Base / Vehicle
Synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion according to German standard DIN 55945.