decorative paint / protective / facade / exterior



  • Function:

    decorative, protective

  • Applications:


  • Location:


  • Component:

    silicone resin-based

  • Finish:

    textured, smooth

  • Options:

    low-odor, anti-mold, ecological, water-repellent


Universally applicable, silicone resin facade paint based on SilaCryl® with mineral characteristics. Highly diffusion-capable and water-repellent.

Field of Application
For high-quality exterior coatings on smooth and textured substrates. The SilaCryl® base provides excellent moisture proofing, high water vapour permeability and sufficient CO2 permeability.
In addition it provides for the same colour diversity, weather resistance, chalking stability and adhesive strength as high-quality pure acrylic based paints.
On roughly textured renders Muresko provides texture preservation or texture equalisation, depending on the degree of dilution. Particularly suitable for the renovation of stable existing coats on AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete)/cellular concrete prefab parts.
Material Properties
Water-dilutable, ecologically compatible, low odour.
Water-repellent according to German standard DIN 4108.
Alkali-resistant, hence unsaponifiable.
Easy to apply.
Excellent covering of edges.
This product is provided with an encapsulated preservative against deterioration in the coating film due to algal and fungal attack.
Material Base / Vehicle
Silicone resin + pure acrylate dispersion/emulsion.