protective paint / finish / for walls / for wood



  • Function:

    protective, finish

  • Applications:

    for walls

  • Support:

    for wood, for metal

  • Location:

    interior, exterior

  • Component:


  • Options:

    water-repellent, anti-rust, enamel


High solid, anti-corrosive metal protective enamel for priming, intermediate and finishing coats. For exterior and interior use.
Certified corrosion protection for steel and galvanised steel according to Building Rules List A part 1, no. 4.9.1
Field of Application
1-pot-enamel for protective thick-film coatings and colourful designing of building components made of iron, steel, zinc, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, unplastizised (rigid) PVC, wooden parts interiors and dimensionally stable exterior wood components. Corrosion protection for iron and steel. Unsuitable for coatings on roofing and anodised aluminium. Do not use white colour shades on heating systems in order to avoid yellowing (apply Capalac Heizkörperlack /radiator enamel).
Material Properties
Excellent adhesion
High opacity (hiding/covering power) on component surfaces and edges
Durable protection due to excellent weather resistance
High solids content allows a better dry film thickness
1-Pot-Enamel System: Facilitates priming, intermediate and finishing coats with one product
Test report for corrosiveness category C4, duration of conservation "long” on steel and galvanised steel according to DIN EN ISO 12944 part 6 as per Buildings Rules List
Available as enamel and mica types
Can be tinted via ColorExpress in numerous colour shades
Free of aromatic hydrocarbons
Material Base / Vehicle
Epoxy ester with non-aromatic solvents.

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