protective coating / finishing / interior / exterior



  • Function:

    protective, finishing

  • Location:

    interior, exterior

  • Type of support:

    for walls, for wood, for metal

  • Component:

    alkyd resin


Transparent finishing coat, free of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Field of Application
In the Interiors:
For coatings on untreated and varnished or lacquered wood surfaces. As a transparent coating on iron, steel, aluminum (not anodized) and copper (Caution: No corrosion and oxidation protection).
In the Exteriors:
For additional transparent coatings on varnished or lacquered, dimensionally stable wood surfaces.
Interior and Exterior:
Used for additional transparent finishing on suitable enamel coatings (e.g. Capalac Dickschichtlack Glimmer / Mica), providing a higher mechanical resistance, better cleaning properties and better weather resistance. For extensive, large-area interior surface coatings the use of Capadur Parkett- und Siegellack (parquet lacquer & sealer) is recommended, due to the odour, typical for alkyd resin enamels.
Material Properties
Free of aromatic hydrocarbons.
Excellent application properties.
Very versatile use.
Excellent flow.
Resistant to normal household cleaners and short-time resistant to weak acids and alkalis.
Material Base / Vehicle
Alkyd resin, solvent-based, free of aromatic hydrocarbons.

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