protective mortar / for concrete / cement / insulating



  • Type:


  • Mortar applications:

    for concrete

  • Other characteristics:

    cement, insulating, mineral


Mineral dry mortar premix for use in the area of plinth/base walls. Suitable for preparation and renovation of unreinforced or reinforced render/plaster layers and felted plaster surfaces.

Field of Application
High-grade all-round mortar, suitable for use in the area of plinth/base walls:
As reinforcing mortar (rendering) within the Capatect-ETICS A and B.
As renovation mortar for reworking sound, existing renders/plasters.
To provide fine-grained, felted surfaces.

Material Properties
Mortar group P III (cement mortar) to DIN V 18 550/DIN EN 998-1; strength class CS III to DIN EN 998-1
German classification of fire behaviour:
"nichtbrennbar” (non-combustible) or schwerentflammbar (of low flammability)
according to the configuration of the ETIC system in use
Water-repellent to DIN EN 1067
Highly water vapour permeable
Low tension due to added fibres
Easy to apply, manually or by machines
High fresh mortar stability
Ecologically compatible
Modified by additives for hydrophobic
effect, easy application and high adhesion