stainless steel railing / balustrade / indoor / outdoor
X-TEND2 Carl Stahl ARC GmbH



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:


  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Applications:

    for stairs, for balconies, for patios, for platforms, for decks


X-TEND forms the basis for new design ideas in both indoor and outdoor applications. X-TEND Colours – CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s range of coloured stainless steel cables – creates vivid highlights that make an eye-catching addition to any building. The decorative, emission-free polymer coating used for the cables is durable, weatherproof and physiologically safe.

X-LED – a sub-structure built from X-TEND netting especially for high-power LED lines – sets the stage for grand illuminations and high-impact messages. Moving images made up of individually controllable LED dots and the brilliance of 16.5 million colours captivate the eye.
If required, we can define and develop add-ons to meet specific project requirements, thus opening up even more design options for X-TEND mesh structures. Decorative and signal elements of every imaginable kind can be combined with X-TEND to achieve the maximum possible impact on the mesh surface.