contemporary wallpaper / geometric pattern / iridescent / purple



  • Style:


  • Motif:

    geometric pattern, iridescent

  • Color:

    gray, brown, purple

  • Options:

    non-woven, washable


Masculine, this geometric collection is sophisticated. It is perfect for a contemporary house with bold straight lines. This collection is Casamance’s answer to the geometric trend whcih has been seen in magazines and trade fairs.

The collection makes many suggestions :
an iridescent plain, a virtual plain « diamond», three designs and a stripe.
The first design comes from the “Hermitage” collection.
The second is a hexagon made from the joining of lines.
We have made the most techniques, textures and colour to offer a complete collection.
In the colour choices, we have beedn inspired by Haute Couture.
Abstract is dressed in as many soft colours like the yellow as rich and deep colour slike the emerald green or dark amethyst.

We have added a palette of colourful greys to complet thus subtle and elegant collection.

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