video corpo

wall-mounted mirror / free-standing / contemporary / rectangular
083 DEADLINE by Ron Gilad Cassina


  • Type:

    wall-mounted, free-standing

  • Style:


  • Shape:

    rectangular, square, oval

  • Frame material:

    solid wood, ash

  • Color:

    white, black


Ron Gilad has created a splendid new generation of mirrors, which Cassina produces in a series of 12 pieces, each of which is inserted into an ash frame in black or white, with different surfaces and shapes: oblong, rectangular, square.
They all however share a common feature, playing tricks that betray the classic function of the mirror.
Two mirrors in one frame, 12 mm apart: The front one is silver-plated, with the different colours painted on its rear side reflecting in the back mirror to create mysterious effects.