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home automation system touch screen / wall-mounted / wireless



  • Applications:

    for home automation systems

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The CDRTECH system has been achieved in collaboration with Innovatech. In order for technology to be efficient, it must be easy to use. The road to simplicity is in personalisation, and personalisation is obtained with software. For this, we have spent a lot of energy and resources on our systems software, unique on the market, thought through from the beginning, to make the use of complex systems easy.

The Q.Editor software for example, is formidable, easy to learn, easy to use, powerful in its functions. Activate scenes, create functions, integrate systems, manage function rules, in a word: “make the building intelligent”, simple and fast, driven by a click.
The functions dedicated to the audio/video for example, allow you to decode the commands and infra-red and decide via the software, the functions and the sequences of commands to achieve. Therefore it is possible to create functions which are custom-made on multi-room systems of high level functions and quality.

To interact lights, audio, video, television camera, security, temperature, remote controls and touch screen, becomes not only possible, but simple and effective as never before.

A software structure based on evolutionary technology is standard TCP/IP and Netdriver, and allows the integration of devices present on the market, therefore with a wide choice of solutions and functions to insert as ingredients in a technological recipe to enjoy on screen.