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Filtering suspended ceiling / in wood / panel / wire


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TETRÀL s15 & s24 are the aluminium open cell ceilings inspired in the classic wooden grid, made up of "U" shaped profiles with a width of 15 or 24 mm and height of 40/50 or 35 mm.

Specifically designed to fit into standard 15 or 24 mm wide T-grids, they provide a trackless appea­rance of the ceiling.

TETRÀL s15 & s24 are high quality products for easiest placement and removal of the panels.
CE Marked

TETRÀL s15 & s24 mm feature 600x600 mm modular panels, made up of "U" shaped profiles with 15 and 24 mm base, which suitably coupled form a square cell, to be inserted in a frame.

Cell sizes from 60x60 mm up to 300x300 mm.
Heights 30/40/50 mm (s15) and 35 mm (s24).

TETRÀL s15 & s24 blades are made by BENDING SYSTEM, which gives: the accuracy of profiles, more square edges and blades perfectly straight.

TETRÀL s15 & s24 mm can be supplied either plain or perforated, to achieve aesthetic and acoustic requirements.
Standard perforation patterns are as follows:
hole Ø 1,50 mm, 22% free opening, 3 mm pitch
hole Ø 2,50 mm, 19% free opening, 5 mm pitch.

A wide range of finishes either from pre-painted or post-painted aluminium is available, according to the RAL, NCS, PANTONE and SIKKENS colours.


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