mechanical lock / electronic / glass door / for furniture



  • Mechanism:

    mechanical, electronic

  • Product applications:

    glass door, for furniture

  • Other characteristics:


  • Market:

    for offices, shop


QuickBlock is a product designed specifically to lock shop windows, drawers and lockers for shops and offices, especially used in jewellers and boutiques within malls. QuickBlock is particularly suitable for structures made of wood or glass containing documents or valuables (e.g. jewellery displays, mobile phones, DVD players, cameras, video cameras, etc.) that have very little or no inherent anti-theft protection. Inside a shop, a pharmacy, the jewellers at the mall, or in a private office or cabinet, in the presence of staff, the risk is not so much of a violent robbery, but rather the bag-snatcher who takes advantage of a distraction, good faith or confusion in order to skilfully put a burglary into action and consequently steal, damage or copy products or documents while unnoticed.

That’s why QuickBlock was born! This exclusive patented lock system – the ingenious idea of uniquely incorporating the mechanical locking group, the emergency release key and the electronic key reading system – coupled with the simplicity of a lock mechanism, make QuickBlock an innovative and unique system of its kind. The drawer or showcase, which use a simple mechanical key, if left inadvertently or forcefully opened, will not give any alarm signal. QuickBlock, however, will report an anomaly to the operator. Available in various configurations, it is suitable for any type of wooden or glass door. The QuickLine version is specially designed for the management and control of sliding glass windows. QuickBlock and QuickLine are compatible with all other Cemit products and can be linked to the Icarus System for network management.