Roof PV solar kit


  • Applications:

    for roofs


With CENPAC, Centrosolar has developed a complete system which combines the advantages of a tailor-made photovoltaic system with the opportunities provided by a standard solution which is available immediately. The result is an extraordinarily high-quality PV system which is as powerful as it is pleasing to the eye, the components of which have been specially developed for use within the complete system. This guarantees optimum yields under nearly all conditions.

“Cenpac”, the new complete package from Centrosolar consists of either 16 or 24 quality modules, each with a capacity of 205 – 225 W, an inverter, as well as a suitable mounting system for on-roof installations. “Cenpac” is therefore so compact that all the components fit onto one pallet.

The specially selected, intelligently coordinated components, combined with the special anti-reflective solar glass from Centrosolar Glas GmbH & Co. KG, ensure maximum system output.

The installation is entirely black in colour and, owing to its modular structure, is suitable for almost all roof types and surfaces.


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