ceramic ventilated facade / porcelain stoneware / sheet / colored
FK-20 TEMPIO Cerámica Mayor



  • Material:

    ceramic, porcelain stoneware

  • Other characteristics:

    sheet, colored, smooth, self-cleaning


Vertical open and horizontal overlapping joints system. When installing it, we will constantly check weights and levels. We fix the brackets to the structure with a mechanical anchor, and to the wall using a chemical anchor. The anchors will be the most suitable according to the quality of the wall. We fix the vertical profile to the brackets with steel rivets, so it allows the dilation of the aluminium. To do this, we rivet a fixed point above and the following with mobile points. This pattern is used to place the entire horizontal profile. If, for example, we start right to left, we would fix the first on the right and the following would be mobile. We will always follow this guideline throughout the building's entire vertical line. Then, the fixing of the pieces or cladding to the facade is carried out with a special polymeric adhesive material, free of isocyanides, and by means of a steel spring, that replaces the functions of the adhesive.

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