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ceiling acoustic panel / for interior walls / for partition walls / cladding



  • Applications:

    for ceilings, for interior walls, for partition walls, cladding

  • Material:

    fiber cement

  • Other characteristics:

    perforated, auditorium, impact-resistant, Class A2

  • Market:

    for public buildings

  • Thickness:

    8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm

  • Width:

    625 mm

  • Length:

    1,250 mm


is a cement bonded particleboard with pre-drilled holes and smooth cement surface.
Cement bonded particleboard CETRIS® AKUSTIC is a board made by processing (drilling regularly spaced holes) of the CETRIS® BASIC board type.

In addition to the existing high mechanical parameters, such treatment improves the noise transmission properties. If the plain – basic board CETRIS® shows exceptionally high sound transmission loss, the drilled boards is an absorbent acoustic cladding element.

In comparison to other acoustic cladding materials using of cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® AKUSTIC in addition assures resistance to mechanical breaking and to humidity – all with simultaneous high flame reaction class (A2 -s1,d0). These parameters predestine the new CETRIS® board type for use as absorbing acoustic cladding mainly to sporting facilities, rooms with variable temperature and humidity and specific requirement buildings.

Technical specifications:
Basic size: 1 250 × 625 mm
Board thickness: 8, 10 mm (on the basis of agreement 12, 14 mm)
Bulk density: 1 150 - 1 450 kg/m3
Surface weight: th. 8 mm – 10 kg/m2, th. 10 mm – 12,5 kg/m2
Service: Drilled holes – awerage 12 mm, Hole spacing 30 – 32 mm (See figure)
Relief type: smooth
Surface finish: without surface finish