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cover composite panel / fiber cement / for facade cladding / for ceilings



  • Function:


  • Material:

    fiber cement

  • Applications:

    for facade cladding, for ceilings


is a cement bonded particleboard of thickness 12 and 14 mm and size 1250 x 625 mm provided with acrylic decorative mosaic plaster.
CETRIS® DEKOR boards are supplied in shades according to colour table for CETRIS® DEKOR boards

In the case of bigger orders other thicknesses and formates of CETRIS® DEKOR boards can be agreed individually. The boards can be cut with circular saw with hard metal disc. For clean and straight cut a guide bar must be used and the boards must be cut on the reverse side to avoid damage to the face side. The cut edge must be provided with protective primer (supplied by the manufacturer). Hole pre-drilling is made with a drill without hammering function on a firm surface. A drill for metal is recommended for the board drilling. Drill from the face side only. The boards are mainly used as exterior facade cladding, for vertical cladding of base mouldings, facades, railing fills and soffits (under roof ceiling).

Technical specifications:
Basic size: 1 250 x 625 mm
Board thickness: 12 and 14 mm
Surface weight: th. 12 mm - 20 kg/m2 , th. 14 mm - 23 kg/m2
Service: according to customer requirements - cutting
Surface finish: decorative mosaic plaster in shades according to colour table for CETRIS® DEKOR boards