sliding shutter automation / garage door / for blinds / industrial door
SL80 ChiaroScuro Sas



  • Applications:

    garage door, for blinds, industrial door, for doors, solar shading, sliding shutter


Comfortable:No cold, rain or wind in winter or heat and mosquitoes in summer; the doors close by pressing a button inside the house without opening the windows.Ultra Compact:Recommended for compact installations; it is compatible with most rail profiles and related awning sails.Safe:Thanks to its standard irreversible locking system, which can be increased with the optional electric lock or the option to control external electric locks.Practical:Due to its compact size and the integrated control unit, the automation is also suitable for existing doors and windows.Integrated control unit:Self-learning system. Fully automated movement control unit which can be interfaced with all domotic systems: it fulfils the safety requirements in case of impact and allows for movement with partially closed or intermittent stop scenarios with a simple click.Certified:Manufactured for professional use, CE-certified and conforming to free-standing European directives and standards.Made In Italy:All components are entirely made in Italy.Warranty:2 years extensible by means of custom maintenance contracts through the "ChiaroScuro" service network distributed in Italy.

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