wall fabric / patterned / PVC / polyethylene
BASKETWEAVE Chilewich Sultan LLC



  • Type:


  • Motif:


  • Material:

    PVC, polyethylene

  • Market:

    commercial, for hotels, shop

  • Options:

    high-resistance, antibacterial, low-VOC


One of the oldest and simplest of weaving constructions, our four over four Basketweave has become our most important vehicle for expressing our unique color point of view. From deep earth tones to shades of metal to our own personal interpretation of brights... our signature Basketweaves continue to be the foundation for our expanding collection of textures. Made in USA with TerraStrand®. Contains Microban®. Available in Plynyl® Plank and Square Tiles, Plynyl® Wall to Wall Flooring, Plynyl® Floor Mats, Wall Textiles, Upholstery Fabrics and Window Coverings.